Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Accessories Collective Haul


Is it just me that needs new accessories apart from new clothes for new seasons? As you can assume, I've been shopping (as always), and therefore thought of sharing with you the accessories I've purchased in the past couple of months :)

Most of the jewellery shown in this haul are from ROMWE. I have found them to be of very good quality, great pricing and shipping is free...can't go wrong with that ;) (Only thing is - do not order things off the site if you need things urgently as items always take over 3 weeks to arrive).

Black & Gold Domed Stud Earrings - Accessorize -  €7.90 (HERE)

Had been looking for a black and gold pair of studs for ages, and I think I've finally found the perfect pair. They're just really versatile and can be worn with loads of outfits.

Jewelled Geometric Drop Earrings - ROMWE - €5.31 (HERE)

The stones are slightly lighter than pictured - they're more on the cream tones rather than coral tones. Gorgeous pair of earrings - perfect for summer evenings.
Coral Flower Cut Out Earrings - ROMWE - €4.55 (HERE)


Gold Leaf Ring - ROMWE - €4.55 (HERE)

Multiband set of 3 rings - ROMWE  - €6.07 (HERE)

Diamante Cut-Out Necklace - ROMWE - €6.82 (HERE)

Double stranded silver Necklace - New Look

Say hello to my beautiful work bag! Love this bag! It has an amazing design and its really great quality! Its my first shoulder bag from River Island and I'm really impressed, even though I wouldn't have minded having it slightly larger for more space, even though it holds loads of things as it is.
Tan Zip Slouch Bag - River Island - £35 (HERE - White version)

Grey Cross-Body Bag - Oasis - €38 - €18

Got these two gorgeous summer scarves (both from H&M) as an early birthday present. Needless to say - loving both of them.

Have you been up to any shopping?
Leave your links below if you have posted your hauls lately ;) 
Will definitely check them out!

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  1. that's a huge haul.... love your bags more!!


  2. Absolutely love the grey cross bag and what a great price at £18! You have some really cute stuff :)

  3. Hello love, your blog is adorable!

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