Saturday, 31 August 2013

What's In Her Bag? - The Transparent Bag Trend

What do you all think of the transparent bag trend that has been quite in - during this Summer?

I've had these gorgeous bags selected for quite some time - however I have been extremely busy to blog :/ So thought I would share them anyway :) 

With regards to my opinion on clear see-through bags - I'm not a massive fan to be quite honest, as I don't feel at ease showing all my belongings to the whole wild world. However, even though I'm not a massive fan - there are still some styles which just grab my attention and tempt me to add them to my bag collection!

So here are a few picks - which I totally love!
Transparent clutch bags

Transparent Totes

What do you think of this style?
Would you wear a see-through bag?

My top favs from the above - and which are definitely on my wishlists are the floral clutch bag and the beige tote! 
Which are your favs from the above?

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