Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Etsy Finds - Layered Chain Necklaces

Heya Everyone!!,

Hope you're all well! I've been slightly MIA lately for various reasons, but sometimes life just takes over!

Thought I would come back with one of my favourite type of blog posts, with some accessories I am currently totally loving! The layered chain necklaces, are just gorgeous for everyday use as I believe they compliment any outfit considering they are so delicate. They just look perfect on anything - from a simple t-shirt to a more dressy summer dress.

Hope you like today's picks :)
simple Tube & coin pendant double layers chain Necklace - S2230-1

Asyemmetric Gold Layered Leaf Necklace

Free Shipping in US -  Star of my Heart  Necklace  -  Summer dainty necklace

All Sterling Layered  Chain Necklace with an Initial and Cross, Dainty Love Friendship Family Personalized Sterling Jewelry

And to finish off...a gorgeous layered necklace which is more dressy when compared to the above, but which would finish off an outfit perfectly!!

Matte Gold and Silver Chain Pink Blush Layered Necklace

           Matte Gold and Silver Chain Pink Blush Layered Necklace

What do you think of layered chain necklaces?
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