Sunday, 16 December 2012

Etsy Finds - Knitted Hats/Headbands

Hiya, as you can see its another Etsy Post!! I am going to make sure to stick to posting an etsy post, as I used to do previously because I just love going through the amazing handmade items!
Today I decided to find some knitted hats / headbands, as last week, I got to know that I will be going to Scotland this February (super excited!!), and therefore I will definitely be needing something to keep my head warm.

Hope you like these gorgeous picks as much as I do :)
Knitted Headband Rust Brown Gray Medley Headband Knitted Headband With Felt Heart from BglorifiedBoutique

Autumn Colours Headband  With Felt Heart 

Hand Knit Womens Modern Newsboy Hat Blue Fall  Fashion Winter Fashion Autumn Fashion Back to School
BELLA  -  Crochet HeadBand Earwarmer, head band

Hand Knit Hat Womens Hat - Urchin Beret Hat in Raspberry - Winter Fashion Winter Accessories Chunky Knit

What do you think of the above choices?
Do you usually wear anything to keep your heads warm?
Any tips to keep warm in freezing weather?

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  1. The first one is the best !
    Kisses dear

  2. Thank you so much!
    What glorious choices!!

  3. Great ideas ... Must try the third one soon :)

  4. How cute!

  5. these are super cute! visiting you from the etsy giveaways team :) great stuff!


  6. Very pretty!

  7. me gusta tu blog!!!!!!!!!!!Te sigo...un besito de men0sesmas!!!!

  8. This is why I love fall & winter! All of the wonderful hats!

    Esty always has good finds. I definitely love the first one!

    xo, Natasha Solae

  9. So pretty!!! I'm LOVING the blue one :)

  10. love it! so pretty


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