Sunday, 25 November 2012

Its The Season the Be Jolly...Stocking Filler Ideas - Etsy Edition

Who is getting excited about the Festive Season? I definitely am, and have been checking out all sorts of online shops for some great gift ideas, which I will eventually be sharing with in the future posts :)

Today, I decided to share with you some amazing etsy stocking fillers, which are definitely original, amazing and which will definitely be used and not left on the side or the back of a drawer forgotten.

Hope you get inspiration :)
Bayberry Bath Bombs - Bath Bomb Fizzy - Bath Melt

Notebook - Notebook 112pages -  Map - Note-book - Pocket Notebook - Christmas Stocking Stuffers - Stocking Filler

Golden Swirl Hand Paint Stud Earring

Black Friday SALE Stocking Stuffer Makeup Bag in Aqua & Red Vintage Floral Print - Bridesmaid Gift Fall Autumn 2012 Collection

Woman's Fingerless Knit Gloves

All the above are less than €10 which make them great gifts for any Secret Santa games one might be participating in :)

Any fav picks from the above?
Have you started thinking of starting your Christmas shopping?

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  1. Love the look of the bath bombs! Great Christmas picks! :) x

  2. Great ideas! I really love the fingerless gloves as they're definitely useful in the winter!

  3. great ideas! love the pocket notebook!

  4. I am glad I am not the only one looking forward to Christmas. I am putting together my Christmas gift ideas this weekend to add to my blog. I love the bath bombs and hand painted stud earrings.



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