Saturday, 18 August 2012

My Week in Pictures...

Here is a small summary of my past two weeks...

1. Giveaway win from the lovely Cassidy from Hot Mess In A Dress (review coming soon)
2. Bags used during the week - to be put back in place
3. New sale purchase :) Wedges just €11!!
4. Not a sale purchase! My new specs came in this really elegant box, with a normal hard case inside!! Post coming soon
5. Painting my toenails and enjoying the sunset :)
6. My little tiger having her siesta! Bought her that scratch mat, but she uses it to sleep on it! Lesson learnt - never buy expensive things for your pets, as they will probably not make proper use of them!

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  1. lovely pictures ! :) I am following ! Hope you will too! ^^


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