Thursday, 23 August 2012

Mini Makeup Haul - Essence; Maybelline

Last week, I headed to one of the pharmacies to get some purple-toned nail-polishes, but ended up getting a little more than I planned!
The initial thing I went for where some nail polishes, and I ended up getting two really great shades by Maybelline - Pink/Rose Innocence (Light Purple) and Social/Queen's Berry (Dark Purple) - €6.69 each.

 The colours are really great, even though I found the Social/Queen's Berry slightly darker when more than one coat was applied. They're the first nail polishes I have from this brand, but they will definitely not be the last! It is really easy to apply, and definitely lives up to the 7 days wear, it states on the bottle.

After I chose my nail polishes, I found a practically full essence stall which to me was heaven! I have never seen a full essence stand, as their makeup is sold really fast, and I personally hate looking at few remaining items! So anyway with loads of products to checkout and compare, I finally ended up buying a mascara, gel eyeliner and lipstick.

With regards to mascara, I decided to try out the Get Big Lashes, Volume Curl Mascara - which is great if you are after maximum volume and curved lashes! Being just €2.50, I must admit that I was extremely impressed with the results! I love the brush, as it made application really easy and it lashes did not stick together!! YAAAY!! I be definitely be repurchasing this, and probably will look for a day mascara from their  range, as quality and prices are really great!

I then picked out a gel eyeliner. Having never tried gel eyeliners, I was really curious to try it out. I picked out the Essence Gel Eyeliner  -02 London Baby. This gel eyeliner comes from a collection of four different shades, but I chose this as it is a dark taupe shade, which looks great and does not have the harshness of a black colour. The price of this was just €3.30! and once again I was truly impressed by the quality and how  smooth and easy it was to control it. 

My third and last essence product was a lipstick - No 12 Sparkling Miracle (€2.19). Its got this really great purplish/dark pink glittery shade. Having never tried essence lipsticks and never worn this out yet, I cannot say how long it lasts on the lips, but I definitely love the shade! Personally not a massive fan of the packaging, but for the price of it, I cannot really grumble!

Overall I am extremely happy with my purchases and look forward to trying everything out properly!

Do you own any of the above products?
Do you own or have any favourite items from essence?

* All items were bought with my money and in no way is this post a sponsored one


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  1. I have the essence mascara and the gel eyeliner and I love them!!!I've bought the mousse foundation,the big matt bronzing powder,a lipstick and some other things from essence's limited editions!!!! I adore Esseence !!!

  2. I love those Maybelline nail polishes!
    The colours you've got are fab!

    Natasha Carly x

  3. I like those nail polishes!!! Are so beautiful!!


  4. I love those nail polishes! I like the Essence nail polishes and lip glosses :)


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