Monday, 2 July 2012

What's In My Beach Bag??

Finally I got round to doing the What's in My Bag post, however I thought it would be more adequate for this time of year to do the beach bag version! I really enjoy these kind of posts, so hope you enjoy it too!

*Just for you to be warned, I am a Mary Poppins kind of person - I always have loads of things in my bag !! Whatever you might need - I will most probably have.

Enjoy :)
My beach bag is this bright blue bag from United Colors of Benetton. I've had it for the past five years now, so I definitely do not remember the price of it. What I know is that it is extremely good quality, in fact it still looks brand new - and believe me I have used it a real lot.

 Sneak Peak:

And here is everything I carry around with me...

Here is what I have :
- Hawaiian Tropics  Beach Ball (I keep it for whenever we meet up with friends)
- Crisps - Just a snack to nibble on whilst sunbathing
- Sunglasses - (similar here)I always take a cheap pair, as its really easy to loose or break them at the beach. Apart from the fact that salt water damages everything. I usually get a cheap pair from ebay
- Tissue & Wipes - They're just a necessity, nothing much to say about them. Love these wipes - they remain moist till the very last one!
- Book - What better place to read than the beach? Currently I'm reading 'Belle' by Lesley Pearse
- Water - I only take a small bottle with, as its useless taking a large bottle since it will get warm in the first 5 minutes
-Beach Towel - My favourite one is this peachy one I had got it years ago from Pull&Bear. Its quality is amazing, apart from the fact that its massive!

And now - whats in my three pouches?

My pink & blue large striped pouch - Protection Bag

-Nivea Sun Protect & Bronze - SPF 50 High - I use this for delicate areas that need extra protection
-Nivea Sun Moisturising Sun Spray - SPF 30 High - Used for legs & arms
-Anthelios La Roche Posay - SPF 50+ - Fluide Extreme - Face SPF protection
-Ultralip SPF 15 - lip SPF protection
-Angel Sun Protection Cream - hair protection
-Nivea double effect - deodorant
-Antibacterial Cleansing Hand Gel - which I use before eating or reapplying face sunscreen
-White Peach & Almond hand & nail cream - for when hands get dry with sea salt
-Folding Brush

Purple Pouch- My Valuables Pouch
Purple Croc Effect Pocket - Oasap* 
I keep all my valuables in this pouch including - camera, money, mobile, headphones, pen. 

Pink pouch - My emergency pouch
This is where I keep my essential emergency things: contact lenses case, my glasses (just in case I need to remove lenses), band aids, neurofen (I always carry them around since I suffer from very bad headaches).

I guess that is all! I usually have a hat with me as well, but haven't bought one yet for this summer !!

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Hope you enjoyed it :)

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  1. great post! so perfect for this time of the year! x

  2. Wow, you're so well organised!

  3. wow! So much stuff in your beach bag :D I usully try not to have so much things in mine :P

  4. wow.
    followed my blog back
    contest is running on my page
    Enter to win girls international giveaway

  5. You are SO organized, I'm jealous. I need to learn from this. :) Thank you SO much for linking up!! xoxo

    Meggy from Chasing Davies

  6. I'm completely inspired by your beach ball idea! What a fabulous one and I'm going to throw one in my bag too. I'm always looking for easy, quick, humorous ways to quickly entertain my kids. FANTASTIC idea!

  7. Your bag is so organized, I wish mine could be more like that. I just throw random things in and end up with a gazillion things I don't need. :)

  8. I wish my bag contained such awesome goodies! :)

  9. I need to get some of these items for my beach bag if I ever book a holiday! Love your blog, we're now following! xx

  10. Looks like you have everything covered, wish I was going to the beach!

  11. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.


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