Monday, 30 July 2012

Giveaway Wins :)

Today I just wanted to share with you some things which I have won in some blog giveaways in the past few months! I feel so lucky and grateful that I have won these items, as I am usually not a very lucky person and hardly ever win anything!

The first item I won was an Orange Circle t-shirt, from a blog I am sure you are all familiar with vipxo. I really enjoyed the fact that I could choose my fav design and colour! I ended up choosing the dip dye dream-catcher design on a navy blue tshirt. The quality is really great - but I will have to keep the tshirt for cooler days, as the material is a little too thick for this weather.


The second giveaway which I won, was from the lovely Amanda from Blush Me Beauty. The prize was this lovely bracelet from Made With Love , a Maltese handmade jewellery shop. I really like the mixture of beads in this bracelet as it makes it fun to wear!

Hope you're having a great start to your week :)

Also don't forget to checkout the oasap 'Bash the Monster Giveaway' (HERE)!!(I have already won $23!!:))

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  1. The t-shirt is so so cute!! COuld you please consider following each other?
    Twitter: @shineonbyandrea
    Instagram: Shineonbyandrea

  2. Lucky, I haven't been able to win anything just yet! Love the bracelet! xo


  3. Wow. You won $23 already? Won twice $1 hahaha :)

    Congrats. You're so lucky!



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