Wednesday, 25 July 2012


As the title says - this post is going to be from my all time favourite online shop -

I bought the items in two separate orders.The first I got with a special 20% discount offer during one of their crazy sales/offers, and the latter two items, I got during the sale which is still currently going on on the site. Hope you enjoy it :)
Description: Beautiful light weight scarf, with a washed out butterfly print. Its a really big scarf, so even though it is light weight, I don't think I'll wear it for the Summer months since its so large, however its perfect for Spring & Autumn!

Brand : Liquorish 
Price : €19
Shop : ASOS
Link: Currently out of Stock

Description :  Amazing, Beautiful, Love Them!! They're perfect! Not much to describe :  apart from being grey and white. The white part is some sort of flaky material, but I'm sure it will get sorted once I start wearing them!

Brand : ASOS
Price : €20.36 (Currently €15.21)
Shop : ASOS
Link : HERE

Description: Oasis watch with a white grain leather strap, rectangular face, with 'diamonds' on the border and on the 3,6,9,12 indexes. Mainly picked it out, as a white watch is just perfect for Summer.

Brand : Oasis
Price : Was : €55.30 Now: €23.50 
Shop : ASOS
Link : HERE

Description :  Croc Effect Satchel, in a beige colour with rose gold details. Has side buckles to adjust size - very spacious even if buckles are on the tightest option! On the inside it is lined with a silky material, it also has an inner zipped pocket and another open pocket.

Brand :  River Island
Price : Was :€48.39 Now : €29.03
Shop : ASOS
Link : similar (HERE)

Since this is my first haul I am posting on my blog, I would really appreciate if you let me know what you think about these kind of posts. 

Also, check this crazy game OASAP are having on their website - you just have to beat the monster - and you immediately get free cash credits which you can use immediately or continue beating the monster every day to accumulate a lovely sum of cash credits, which you can then use on the site! Brilliant!!! - All you have to do is login into your oasap account - its free to register!
Check it out here:

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  1. great haul! Love the bag and scarf you ordered! ASOS is also one of my favorite online shops.

  2. i love asos - they have such great accessories!

  3. I have never shopped at Asos; great finds though.

  4. Great and haul and blog!!!

    Be sure to check mine and maybe follow it!

  5. great haul! Love the shoes!

  6. Sneakers and Bag are really cool!
    I'd love to see them in action!
    will you be posting an outfit pic? :)

    fashion is for idiots [like us]
    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  7. awesome haul!! Each piece is beautiful!!


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