Thursday, 7 June 2012

Summer Nails & Florelle Nail Polish Review

Summer is definitely my favourite time of the year - luckily for me, the Summer season stays for quite a while here in Malta. So that makes me a very happy lady and is one of the few reasons why I will never go to live abroad!!

When Summer comes, fashion colours change too! Apart from the clothes becoming brighter, so do the nails!
I have one favourite colour which represents summer time, beach days & relaxed, fun times!

This love for this nail colour, started off when I was still a student - therefore no uni in summer = relaxed times. Now I work, so its not soo relaxed anymore, but I  do try and take a  few days off to just enjoy the Summer!

The colour I have been mentioning is this bright pink - which I like to call Barbie Pink. I just love the colour and pink nails just make me happy!

A couple of weeks ago I tried a new nail polish by Florelle, which I must admit it is a brand I had never used or heard about. However, it was love at first use! Its just perfect! 

Apart from the colour, which is my perfect pink, it applied really well, and dried really quickly (which is a must). The polish is quite thick in texture so it was really easy to apply, and needed only two coats of the polish! Brilliant!! 


I will be definitely looking out for more of this brand's colours!!!

Had you ever heard of this brand before?

What are your favourite summer polish shades for summer?

I'm currently on the lookout for the perfect yellow!

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  1. Wow that color is absolutely amazing!

  2. What a beautiful color !

  3. Love this colour, never heard of this brand! I got me my first yellow nailpolish recently, cause i first had to get used to this trend. It's from NYC, can't remember the name right now. I have swatches on my blog if you want to check it out. It's a nice yellow shade. Didn't wear it yet, but i plan to with a matte topcoat. I hate the neon yellows, just can't get used to them!

  4. Really pretty color! I'd never heard of that brand, but the pink looks so nice!

  5. I love the colour! I wear pink every now and then.

  6. oooh that's gorgeous!! New follower through BlogHop! :)

    XOXO, Southern Glamourista

  7. Beautiful pink!! I never heard of this brand.

  8. Hey, I'm a new follower! Found you thru the BLT blog hop! Wow, the color looks so fresh and perfect for summer!

    Visit my blog if you have time! ;)


  9. This is such a gorgeous polish!! My type of color!

  10. Lovely colour. Wish I had the patience to paint my nails all the time x


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