Saturday, 30 June 2012

Instagram #1

Having just installed instagram last week (username - kellinasthoughts), I decided to start the my week in pictures post!

I really enjoy these kind of posts on other blogs, so I thought I would do my version too!

Hope you like it...

1. Checking out the asos sale - made 2 lovely purchases, which I'm planning to feature in a haul later on this month! Have you got any purchases from the asos sale?
2. My little princess enjoying my laptop case - can't understand what she likes about it!
3. Delicious birthday lunch!
4. SMARTIES - love them - hadn't tasted them in years!! Does anyone remember smarties in small boxes?
5. Beaching it at Blue Lagoon - pic taken previous week - but wish I could go every week!
6. Parcel in the post yaaaaay

Hope you enjoy this post :)
More photos next week:)

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  1. Love the kitty! Nice photos. Have a good weekend.

  2. I whish I had a Iphone to install Instagram :(

    Your cat looks cute!

  3. How sweet your cat, mine always sleeps at the weirdest places too.
    From Paris with love!
    Kristina recently posted.. Plage de Cannes.

  4. Cute Blog ! I found it through Blog Hop.

    Check out my blog & subscribe if you would like :)

  5. I know, instagramming is fun and pictures make up for a wonderful post.

    that beach looks very tempting!!


Thanks for all your lovely comments :)

Really appreciate :)


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