Sunday, 3 June 2012

Etsy Finds - Beach Bags

Its beach bags time !!!

I should be going to Blue Lagoon sometime next week and really looking forward to it!!

For all those of you who do not know much about Malta - Blue Lagoon is the most beautiful beach/swimming area (in my opinion) in the Maltese Archipelago. One has to go by boat to the specific island, however it is seriously worthwhile! I'll be going to enjoy some peace and open the swimming season for 2012. I'm going there so early in June because if one goes there during the peak Summer months, the swimming area is literally packed with people! 

    And yes...that is the real colour (photo below was taken by myself in the previous summer) - no editing involved!

Ahhhhhh simply heaven on earth!!!

Anyway.....stopping from all the daydreaming, when heading to the beach, one needs a good sturdy beach bag to carry around everything. I love massive, bright bags. I carry way too many things with me, but hey you can never know what you might need at the beach, especially when going somewhere with no shops close by - as in the above case.

So here are some amazing beach bags!

Hope you like them!!
HUGE Tote Bag - Green Jute
Natural Green Huge Tote Bag
Extra Large Beach Tote, Beach Bag Chevron,  Yellow slub
Yellow Chevron Print Bag
Medium Bella Bag- beach bag/diaper bag/tote bag/summer purse- in Gleefully Kiwi canvas
Earth-Coloured Striped Beach Bag

Large Beach Bag - Flower print beach bag - Summer Tote bag - Customized Handbags
Flower Print Beach Bag
Beach Bag, Extra Large, Tote, Pink Chevron with Water Resistant Navy Blue Vinyl Bottom with FREE Vinyl Zipper Pouch, Other Colors Available
Pink Chevron with Nay Vinyl Bottom
BagStory ODA Cross Body Adjustable Unisex Messenger Bag or Single Sling Shoulder Bag, Orange and Black
Cross-Body Bright Orange Bag

 I'm seriously loving chevron print, I keep adding the print to practically all my posts !!

What do you think of this week's finds?

Have you been swimming yet?

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  1. For a long time I have been thinking about visiting Malta. When I see these beautiful photos, it convinces me even more to do so!

  2. love these beach bags! they're all so nice :) i should get one cause the one i have is too small.. i feel like blue lagooing lol :) x

  3. Wow, what unbelievable colour! I don't really like going to the beach, so it's not that I own any fashionable beach bags.

    Sara from A Modern-Day Lady

  4. I love all of these bags! My favorite is definitely the pink striped one, though!

  5. I went to somewhere in Turkey before that has a lagoon that colour, so nice!! New follower :) x

  6. Thanks for the plug! Just in case anyone is interested I have several different colors of chevron ;-)

  7. This is a great post! I am loving those beach bags and it is almost beach weather in Chicago but not yet!

  8. I love the flower print bag! Found your blog thru the blog hop! Please check out mine! It would make my day if you followed it!

  9. Malta looks amazing!!!!! I am loving the yellow chevron bag!!

  10. I like the chevron and the orange bags!! Too cute!!


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