Thursday, 3 May 2012

Some Great News!!!!


Hope you are having some sunshine wherever you are :) 

We're having loads of sun already and I'm loving every second of it!! 

Might going for a swim this weekend  - but will have to see if I'm courageous enough because I am sure the sea water will be freezing brrrrrr. Depends how hot its gonna be...will let you know :)

So apart from the lovely sunshine and have some other great news :)

The lovely Clare from Happy Go Lucky and  Emma from My Mini Bag have been kind enough to award be the Versatile Blogger Award !!

A massive thank you to both Clare and Emma! I really appreciate!

I have already done a post with the blog award; check it out here :)

             And finally, some further great news, which might be of great interest to all of you!!

As some of  you might know I am a massive fan of ESPRIT clothing! I love everything about this brand !!! I will not write a lot about it as I already wrote a blog post about it  here.

As some of you might also know, ESPRIT have a loyalty points scheme, which I totally adore. The great news about it is that they give you vouchers whenever you reach a certain amount of e-points. I have currently reached a certain amount of points, and I was awarded a voucher, but that is not the exciting news (well it is for me!!). The great news is that they have sent me a voucher code to give to any member and friends to use till the 13th of May on their e-shop!

I have a particular code which I can give you to get the discount - All you have to do is leave your email in the comment box or email me on so that I would be able to give you the discount code and the rest of the details.

The discount is as follows:

Value of purchase                             Discount
Up to €50                                         10%
Up to €130                                       20%
Over €130                                        30%

Let me know if you're interested in the code :)

* I am NOT an affiliate or in any way sponsored by the above-mentioned company

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