Thursday, 5 April 2012

Spring Trend - Bold Prints

Bold Prints are another big hit this Spring 2012. It is definitely not a trend for the shy and conservative!!

This trend is so bold and daring, which give an amazing result  in my opinion!

The prints vary from geometric to floral to aztec...the crazier and bolder it is...the better!!!

I have found some high street finds for you - hope you get some inspiration!!

Bold Prints - Tops & Accessories by kellinasthoughts featuring sleeveless tops

What do you think of this trend?
 Are you loving or hating this trend?

Thanks a mill for visiting my blog and for all your lovely comments :)


  1. I love bold prints for spring!

  2. Nice prints!

  3. my favourite is the dress is the top right hand corner, great vibrant colours!

  4. Woowww...Amazing. I like it!!!! Nice Blog Honey, i follow you ;O)))) I hope you follow me back ;))) big kisses from germany ;**

  5. lovely dresses!! really dig your blog ;)
    btw I followed you, would you mind doing the same?

    Thank you,

    keep on postong!!!


Thanks for all your lovely comments :)

Really appreciate :)


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