Friday, 20 April 2012

Simply Jeans - Rusty Gold

I am back to normal blogging :) I have not had a lot of posts published this week because I was on holiday. I went to the beautiful ITALY and loved every second of it!!

I might be doing a blog post about it - so I will not write a lot about it in this post.

Back to today's outfit  - its dark jeans and rusty golden colours. I have added the inspiration picture from where I got the colours I wanted to add to this outfit. 

I have decided to add the inspiration picture of such posts - as I personally get inspired by the most random things. Case in point is today's outfit, which has been inspired by a vintage time wall clock!!

One does not need to look at just outfits to be inspired - one can get inspirations from anything!

Simply Jeans - Rusty Gold

Simply Jeans - Rusty Gold by kellinasthoughts featuring jeans

From where do you usually get inspired?

PS - My sets on polyvore where amongst the top 5000 most visited sets a couple of weeks ago!! So happy about it - even though 5000 seems quite a large number, it is still a great achievement for me!

Thanks for visiting my blog!


  1. love that sweater!

  2. love the entire look especially the shoes :)

  3. Love the look :) The jumper is lovely, such a nice colour :)

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  4. Hi girls thank your for message in my blog.
    I love your blog and I follow.
    stay in stouch.

  5. hey girl, found you on the blog hop, check me out when u get a chance!

  6. Amazing look :)

  7. lovely outfit selection~!!

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  8. I love these sunglasses :)

  9. I love that jumper. Just gorgeous. Great blog too, I found you through the Brightside Beauty Blog Hop. Very glad I did!

    Ellen xx

  10. Thank you dear :D I love this look :D

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Thanks for all your lovely comments :)

Really appreciate :)


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