Monday, 16 April 2012

Etsy Finds - Passport Covers

Holiday time is sooo near!!!! 

With the sun out and the weather warming up...things start getting exciting for whoever is taking a holiday abroad!

I am personally taking a lovely spring hol - summer will be spent in my country enjoying the sun and beach!! I have taken the decision not to go on a Summer hol because I went to the UK and Scotland a couple of summers ago and could not cope with the bad weather in Scotland!! It was Summer, so my brain tells me that there has to be the sun - I apologise for sounding slightly wierd - but one has to understand that Summer around here means sun, sun and sun fullstop!

What I have been searching for lately are some passport covers from my favourite site  - the wonderful etsy :)

Here are my choices.....

Hope you enjoy them

Cat Passport Case tan cat passport cover holder
Tan Cat Passport Cover

Passport Cover. Canvas. Keep Calm and Travel On in Bright Pink. With Snap
Keep Calm and Travel On - Canvas Cover

Passport Cover / Holder / Case - Chevron - Cosmo Paisley
Cosmo Paisley Passport Cover
Whimsy Eiffel tower  - Passport Cover passport holder passport case
Whimsy Eiffel Tower Cover

Peacock Passport Case pink peacock passport cover
Peacock Passport Cover

What do you think of these covers?

Do you prefer more serious covers for your passports 
or do you like fun ones like these?

Thanks for visiting my blog :)


  1. Love them ♡ :)

    Lovely Greetings!

  2. SO cool! I need to check these out ASAP!

  3. I have never seen such beautiful passport covers:-))Loved them all but my fav isthe second one!!Following you if you like follow me back!!

  4. I want that cat one so bad! :)

  5. Aww, these are lovely! My favourite is defiantly the peacock one :D

  6. I saw some traffic to my shop from your blog and just wanted to say thank you for featuring my passport covers (the cat and peacock ones)! I've been browsing through your blog and love your style. Thanks!


  7. these are so cute!

  8. Hey! We found you through the Blog Hop! Your blog is so cute! Maybe you can check ours out too?

  9. I love the second one... great find!

    Following your blog now dear!



  10. how cute are these covers!

  11. These covers are too cute. I love the one " Keep Calm and Travel On". Sometimes, traveling could be soooooo stressful: waiting in long line-ups, waiting to claim baggage etc.

    Found your awesome blog and now a new follower. Hope you will visit my blog when you have a chance too!

  12. They are all so adorable but I'm in love with the Tan Cat cover :)

  13. These are definitely cute. never thought of a passport cover. Exactly why I love Etsy. You find all these great and unique handmade stuff.

    New follower from the blog hop.Hope you will drop by and visit my blog when you have the chance.

  14. Oh my! How adorable! I love these passport covers, especially the first two! -Jessica


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Thanks for all your lovely comments :)

Really appreciate :)


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