Friday, 9 March 2012

Simply Jeans - Spring Smart Look

I have one major addiction in my life (well excluding chocolate, heels, cats and scarves), and it is JEANS.

I love jeans with a major passion. If I could, I would wear jeans every single day - well I actually do that already, but at times I feel I need to get out of a pair and wear a skirt or a dress, which usually makes me miss my jeans and want to wear them even more.

I know jeans are not everyone's cup of tea, but since I have this lovely addiction, I have decided to dedicate Friday's posts on how to style jeans.

Hope you enjoy it :)

Spring Look

Spring Look by kellinasthoughts 

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  1. awesome post darling.i adore your blog! keep it up.btw,following u now via bloglovin,hope u can check out my blog and return the favor if u like.


    1. 10x :) will be checking out your blog :)

  2. great things, I just love the watch :)

    1. 10x :)

      i actually have that watch and i can never get bored of it !!

  3. Love the styling. Vey pretty.The bird earrings is LOVE. I have a slight obsession with jeans but sometimes I find it uncomfortable to wear and I have days i just live on my leggings. So comfortable. :)

    I have a beauty blog and would love it if you can check it out at and follow it if you like what you see. Take care :)

  4. such a perfect simple outfit! I love that scarf!

  5. Cute outfit

  6. I love everything - i can totally see myself wearing all of your picks! x

  7. Hey this is a great combination, def something i would wear :-)

    Lovely blog btw, if you have a chance do check mine out too



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